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I think that you are a genius for coming up with this community. I think that rating communities are pretty stupid, unless the mods are nice and just accept you.

Most people who apply for rating communities are people who can't be themselves. Just look at their clothes, their makeup, etc. They are all the same. They have no originality, and surely, they probably all act differently in real life.

I think this is waht society has done to everyone. Some of the "scene" people are really good looking, but total bitches. They think that if theyre good looking, they can do anything, and everyone would want to be them.

Sometimes I just wanna say to their faces:STFU ugly whore. Take off all your make up and uncover your face from your hair and lets see your face, because you probably cover your face with your hair to cover up how much of an ugly whore you are, and act like yourself.

now that that's all out.. how's everyone?
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